O bag mini body

Dimensions: 34 × 12 × 29 cm(LxWxH)

R816.00 R652.80 Inc tax


The O bag mini XL Extralight® body is the ultimate O bag body for the summer! Crafted from XL Extralight®, a plastic material which is flexible, waterproof, hardwearing and easy to clean, the O bag mini XL Extralight body can be used as a beach bag or an everyday bag for the summer. This kind of O bag mini body comes in an array of gorgeous colours. You can choose between neutral tones and brighter on-trend ones and then personalise it with handles, a shoulder strap, trims and interior pouches! The O bag mini XL Extralight® body features two holes with which you can easily attach handles and shoulder straps via a practical screw-cap system. We recommend that you avoid exposing the XL Extralight® O bag body to the sun's rays for extended periods of time, to high temperatures (for instance, do not leave it next to a hot radiator in winter and don’t forget it inside a hot car in summer) or to other heat sources so that it does not become damaged or change shape or colour. Cleaning the O bag XL Extralight® body is easy: you can use the O clean sponge , otherwise use warm water (at 30°C) with neutral soap, taking care not to rub. The photograph shows the colours of the item as accurately as possible; nevertheless, colours may not appear the same on different screens. We cannot guarantee that the screen of the device used will accurately display the colour.

The body has two holes on each side for customisation with interchangeable accessories (handles, shoulder straps, trims, inner bags).

Do NOT expose your bag for long periods of time to the sun or high temperatures in order to prevent damage to the shape or colour. It is recommended that you clean your O bag body with the O clean sponge. Alternatively, you may wash your O bag body with neutral soap and 30°C water. Do not rub it.